Investigation without interference

Probe naturally behaving RNA with minimal pertubation

Unique Fluorescent Base Analogues (FBAs)

Our patent pending FBAs introduce no substantial steric bulk to RNA-sequences and have excellent emissive properties. They enable nucleic acid sequences to form secondary structures with maintained canonical base-pairing and thermodynamic stability. Compared to other labeling options, there is also less impact on lipophilicity. The end result is a labeled nucleic acid that retains more of its native behavior.

"Stealth Labeling "

By using enzymatic incorporation of FBAs we have developed a method to efficiently, and with high fidelity, generate labeled RNA transcripts. The method allows for studies of close-to naturally behaving RNA-sequences and simultaneous visualization in live cells using fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry. Since it enables investigations without interference, we call the method "stealth labeling".

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