Fluorescence, naturally

Novel methods & technologies for verifying and analyzing the effectiveness of nucleotide-based therapeutics


Fluorescent nucleobases - for new insights into mRNA

With patent-pending fluorescent building block technologies we enable a natural fluorescent labeling of mRNA for live-cell studies or investigations into optimal delivery of nucleic acids

Less perturbation on translational efficiency (Compared to alternatives Cy-3/Cy-5)
Small size, smaller impact on delivery vehicles like LNPs
Easy to use, throw in your IVT reaction to create labeled mRNA

Our impact

We enable research into new nucleic acid therapeutics such as RNA and their effective delivery. We offer researchers in the pharmaceutical and research industry solutions for visualization of RNA that allow them to study genetic material, while maintaining more of the natural function and conformation of the genetic material. Giving you new tools for to study cell uptake and localization of mRNA.

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